Dr. Vijak Haddadi

Transformation Guide / CEO / Speaker

Dr. V specializes  in  unlocking the full potential of individuals and organizations by integrating digital transformation, conscious leadership, and personal mastery, into next level evolutionary alchemy..



Unleash your potential with personalized individual consultations on venture strategy, conscious leadership, and holistic self-mastery. Experience a unique method that fuses aptitude in timeless metaphysics with state of the art understanding of the challenges and opportunities of today's digital reality


Empower your team with transformational growth sessions that fuse visioneering for game-changing technology upgrades with team synergy acceleration through holistic personal development and systemic constellation work. Help your team transform into its best version and unlock the power of synergistic co-creation.

Keynote Speeches

Engage and inspire your audiences with compelling talks on digital disruption, transformational leadership, the pitfalls and promises of new technologies like AI, blockchain, AR/VR, or neurotech, conscious innovation, science and spirituality, transhumanism, or personal development. Encounter visionary insights that can shape the future of your organization


Dr. V is a visionary innovator, transformation coach, and metaphysical strategist with an extraordinary track record in spearheading ground-breaking innovation initiatives across multiple countries and industries. He is leading a pioneering AI startup, has previously activated AI, web3, and VR/AR startups, and led innovation campaigns for NGOs, universities, and government institutions worldwide.

Among his successes, Dr. X founded and led Toronto’s most prolific creative incubator, participants of which now lead their respective content generation niches globally. He also played a pivotal role in revitalizing the South London innovation ecosystem through digital innovation efforts for a major London university and several South London councils.

Fusing a multidisciplinary academic background, including a PhD in metaphysics, an MBA in global innovation, and an MA in political economy, from globally leading academic institutions, with vast experience in coaching and consulting executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals, drawing on ancient spiritual traditions and leading edge science alike, Dr. V has created a unique method of attunement and attainment that informs his work.

His method, based on in-depth analysis of personal, socio-economic, financial, geopolitical, and planetary cycles and trends, situates each individual and organization within their unique context before developing strategies for effective transformation. By integrating timeless teachings of self-mastery with state of the art digital transformation and neuro-entrepreneurship, Dr. V empowers conscious leaders for high-impact success.

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