Whether you are designing your life, your venture or your organization – the universal principles of synergy apply. Too much tension and your system breaks down. Too much integration and your system becomes stale. The synergetic interplay of tension and integration results in creative evolution.

As a venture coach I accompany entrepreneurial individuals and their ventures in attaining the optimal balance of structure and creative tension to foster sustainable growth and innovation. I have coached numerous startup ventures through workshops, seminars and one-to-one coaching sessions with founders and startup leaders, focussing on ideation, holistic venture design, entrepreneurial mindset, and sustainable venture development. I have worked with startups in the creative industries, health, social enterprise, EdTech, Life Sciences, Cleantech, Green and SaaS.

My methodology consists of a combination of philosophical questioning (to reveal underlying motive forces and assumptions and articulate value visions), systems thinking (to redefine boundaries and processes) and life cycle analysis (to assess and forecast developments and opportunities).

I have also coached individuals to greater achievement and holistic success, including freelancers, executives, medical doctors, teachers, and creatives.