Habib Lesevic

Habib is a true revolutionary. His inspired visions of a more holistic form of life on our planet combine with unique zest and intensity to make him the archetypal enabler of great projects. He is mostly based in London (though at home on the planet) and is active as an entrepreneur, coach and educator. Check out his site now.

Benedikt Foit

Benedikt is a visionary serial entrepreneur,  a conscientious teacher and a gifted personal facilitator who combines a knack for value creation with a deep concern for the health of individuals, ventures and corporations, truly rendering him a modern day entrepreneurial medico. Check his site now.

Stéphane Kamesh Seckin

Stéphane is a truly contemporary master of ancient arts . A kung fu teacher and multiple European champion, practicioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qi Gong master, and personal, corporate and holistic health coach, Stéphane imparts his wisdom in strikingly fresh manner, helping vitalize individuals and organizations and effectively reduce malaises and inefficiencies. His site can be found here.